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Codes of Pu erh Tea

Codes of Pu erh Tea

Not all of pu’er tea has the code or “mark”, but only those specific bigamous manufacturers using it. The code is not directly related to the price of the tea. The first two numbers represent the raw tea formula while the third number indicates the grade or quality of the raw tea and the fourth number indicates the manufacturer, as 1 for Kunming, 2 for Menghai, 3 for Xiaguan, 4 for Pu’er, 6 for Fuhai, and 8 for Haiwan. Let’s do an example of code 7242 tea cake. 72 is meaning tea formula of year 1972 formula, while 4 represents the 4th grade of raw tea quality and 2 for Menghai tea Factory.

dayi 7542There are many tea cake produced from Menghai Manufacturer such as 7262, 7572, 7542, 7532 or 8582 are very common varieties. The first two beginning numbers are not representative of production year, but the formula or recipe of the year.

In fact, every tea cake with these codes has its own characteristics and these remarkable numbers are not directly related to the price of tea.

Here we list some good brands of Pu’er tea. The top rated brands in the market include Dayi(Taetea), XiaGuan and ZhongCha. And other good rated brands include Fuhai, Ranghe, Laotongzhi, Fengqing, Shuangjiang Mengku, Liming, YunCha and many more.

Is the higher grade of Pu’er tea, the better taste? This question cannot be generally answered. first of all, people's preferences are different. Pu'er tea is not taste same due to its different grades. The high grade tea taste delicate and smooth which is gentle type. Generally speaking, the beautiful looking fine bud tips tea taste fresh because of rich in amino acids, but other components such as polyphenols in the proportion are relatively smaller than older leaf tea. Pu'er tea is usually particular about its rich contents in the tea, and the contents of bud tips tea are relatively less than the older leaf, which could likely affect its post-aging and lasting of brewing. Lower grade of Pu’er tea is belonged to a rough type, which is used to have stronger aroma, kind of overwhelming. Secondly, because Pu’er tea has the characteristics of the more aging the better taste, the more proper aged low grade tea taste better than the higher grade of the new tea, so the price is much more expensive too.

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