Keemun Xiang Luo Black Tea

This tea is from the origin land of Keemun black tea, Qimen County, is picked from the first sprouts of earlier spring leaves before Grain Rain (Guyu), the time fresher and tenderer Keemun tea is. This special sourced Keemun black tea has...

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Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Name: Lapsang Souchong, "正山小种” in Chinese Tea Type: Black Tea Origin: Wuyi, Fujian Year: April. 2019 Shelf Life: 36 Months Harvest Time: Spring Recommended Storing condition: Tight sealed, keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight  

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YunNan Black Tea Old Arbor Dian Hong

Name: Yunnan Black Tea, “Dian Hong” Tea Type: Black Tea About 50-year-old arbor leaves from FengQing, YunNan Province of China Rose aroma, taste fruity, and sweet like honey flavor; Spring tea, March 2019 Shelf Time: 36 Months QS: 533514010086 Storing:...

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Jin Jun Mei Goldbuds Spring Superfine Black Tea

Jin Jun Mei known as Golden Eyebrow, the ingredients of this gold fur coated tea are primely selected from the core of Wuyi region. This tea is very lasting, taste smooth and refreshingly sweet. it has an unique comprehensive flavor...

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Lapsang Souchong Imperial Black Tea

This tea is from Wuyi Tongmuguan, where produces best lapsang souchong teas. It is made by a very special secret technique. The quality is really comparable to other same-level lapsang souchong teas. Item Detail Name: Lapsang Souchong, "正山小种" in Chinese...

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Keemun Black Tea Xiang Luo Superfine

This is one of most popular Keemun tea in china that more than 20,000 kg was sold, and earned positive reputation 9.7 out of 10. This superior aromatic and mellow taste Red Xiang Luo has black blooming color. The uniformed...

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YunNan Pure Gold Dian Hong Black Tea

The character of Gold buds that tea leaves fully coated with golden downy, and bud head looks plump and full, even. This pure gold tea is picked from ancient tea tree that absorbs the essence of its high quality nutrients...

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Jin Jun Mei Golden Eyebrows Fine Spring Black Tea

Jin Jun Mei, Golden Eyebrow or Golden Beautiful Eyebrow, is one of Lapsang Souchong black tea originally produced in Wuyi, Fujian province, China. Jin Jun Mei is a rare treasure tea made from two small shoots with its small tight...

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Dian Hong Black Tea Royal Gold Cake

Royal Gold Cake is from a prime selection of quality ingredients in an ecological tea farm. It is made and processed with high temperature autoclaving through combination of modern scientific and traditional processing technologies. It has the characteristics of fat...

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