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Raw Pu erh Brick Tea 250g 2014

Meng Hai tea, mellow taste, traditionally pressed with unblended raw tea leaves.

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Meng Hai Small Ripe Pu erh Cake 100g

Name: Meng Hai Xiao Gong Bing Origin: Meng Hai, YunNan Province Ingredients: Sun-dried raw ingredient, Yunnan big-leaf Manufacture: Meng Hai Youfu Manufacture Date: Ingredients Date: 2015 Compressed Date: 2019 This small ripe pu erh cake is made from ingredient of...

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Famille-Rose Porcelain Royal Tea Sets

This is a valuable tea ware collection to have, for anyone who prefers a good quality and exquisite work porcelain ware. Every single line of this tea set looks clean and neat aligned, is a description of craftsman’s thought and soul....

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Ceramic Lotus Tea Caddy

Material: Ceramic Craftsmanship: Cameo, Rilievo Dimensions: D 9.8cm H 10cm Capacity: about 140g for Lapsang Souchong About 75g for Dan Cong Oolong About 200g for Tie Guan Yin Water capacity: 400 ml Caddy Wt: 500g Packaging: gift box This is...

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Chinese Enamel Gaiwan Teaset

As the frequent trading between Eastern and Western countries during Qing Dynasty, the Famille-Rose porcelain was first brought to China, and created new style Famille-Rose porcelain, the Chinese style Famille-Rose ware, was one of characteristic porcelain ware of Qing royal...

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Meng Hai Brick Tea Ripe Pu erh 2014 - Sticky Rice Aroma

A sticky rice fragrance can be scented directly before the tea box is opened. Sticky Rice aroma pu erh tea is currently very popular in the public because of its unique sticky rice flavor, but also lotus leaf like fragrance,...

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Meng Hai Ban Zhang Ripe Pu erh Brick Tea 2002

Name: Meng Hai Ban Zhang Tea Type: Ripe Pu erh Tea Ingredients: sun-dried Yunnan big-leaves Production Year: 2014 Weight: 250g Storing: Ventilated, dry, odorless and away from direct sunlight. Shelf life: the longer in the proper condition, the better aroma....

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Dayi Ripe Pu erh Tea 7572 Flagship Tea

Tea Type: Ripe Pu erh Tea, “shu” Name: Dayi 7572 Year: 2018 Batch: 1801 Process: Traditional Dayi Process Manufacture: Meng Hai Manufacture Form: 357g Cake Storing: ventilated, cool, dry and odorless Tea is in dark red color, taste strong slightly...

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Bu Lang Imperial Ripe Pu erh Tea

Tea Type: RIpe Pu erh Tea, ("熟茶") Origin: Meng Hai, Yunnan Year: 2013 ingredients compressed in 2015 Permit #: SC11453011233918 The ingredients of this tea is from Meng Hai Bu Lang mountain. It is fermented, compressed and store housed in...

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Meng Hai Gold Buddings Ripe Pu erh

Name: Meng Hai Gold Buddings Tea Type: ripe pu erh tea Origin: Meng Hai, Yunnan Mushroom earthy note; sweet, soft and smooth Form: loose leaf form Serving size: 8g Ingredient Year: 2018 Permit: SC11453011201135 Steep Temperature: ~212°F Steep time: 30...

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Pu erh Raw Brick Tea 2018 Gold Leaf

This pu erh tea is smelled so fragrant and fruity. It tastes sour and herbal at beginning, slowly return with light sweet lasting. Fruity flavor tastes more obvious after third infusion. It is very challenging to make this taste good,...

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Pu erh Tea Bu Lang Dragon Pearls 2014

Name: Bu Lang Dragon Pearls Tea Type: Pu Erh Tea (raw,”sheng”) Origin: Bu Lang Mountain, Meng Hai County, YunNan Ingredients: primarily selected from Bu Lang Mountain old arbor Spring tea leaves Year: 2014 pleasantly sweet; could be bitter and slightly...

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Ceramic Tea Set Ru Kiln Tea Ware

Ru-Ware porcelain has a soft smooth feel, a sleek, bright and simple design but elegant gross finished looking. The sidewall is thin but durable. each piece of this tea set has inconspicuous ice crack pattern on it which can only be...

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Yi Xing Black Gold Clay Zisha Teapot 160ml

Black gold clay is a synthetic of purple clay and other metal oxide. The obvious and exaggerated purple clay grain displayed on the outside of the teapot are made by adding coarser granules during the decorating. The color of original...

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Yi Xing Zisha Red Clay Teapot

Beautifully wrought carved red clay teapot from Yi Xing. Every detail of this teapot is carefully accounted and done very neat. The lid is made exactly fit on the opening. 188 hole hemisphere designed infuser allows tea to stream out...

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Porcelain Gaiwan Ge-Ware Crackle Glaze Teapot

Longquan celadon ware is selected and made from natural mud, being through 1300 degree fired. These best color-toned tea wares are glazed with beautiful cracking lines, and the glaze is neat and polishing, such an adorable piece. A Gaiwan is consisted...

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