Yi Xing Zisha Red Clay Teapot

Beautifully wrought carved red clay teapot from Yi Xing. Every detail of this teapot is carefully accounted and done very neat. The lid is made exactly fit on the opening. 188 hole hemisphere designed infuser allows tea to stream out...

from  Regular price $28.99

Yi Xing Black Gold Clay Zisha Teapot 160ml

Black gold clay is a synthetic of purple clay and other metal oxide. The obvious and exaggerated purple clay grain displayed on the outside of the teapot are made by adding coarser granules during the decorating. The color of original...

from  Regular price $34.49

Yi Xing Tian Qing Clay Bossed Decal Painting Teapot Set

It comes with upscale decorative gift box, with 4 pieces of tea cups made of same material in the box. Additionally, there are some pot care accessories included in the box such as pot care brush, pot towel, cork coaster...

from  Regular price $101.49 $95.99

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