Sold Out Dayi Pu erh 7542 Raw Tea 1701

Dayi Pu erh 7542 Raw Tea 1701

SKU: PT-RW-DY7542-1701-150

floral and fruity aroma recommended for advanced drinker; example of raw pu erh teas

Taetea or Dayi, "7542" recipe has been regarded as the most successful blended raw Pu’erh tea and the criteria for all the blended raw Pu’erh in the tea market.

Well-selected the Maocha from Menghai areas, 3-4 grades of tender Maocha are spreaded on the surface with 5-8 grades inside of the cakes.

This tea enjoys high and deep aroma, with thick & mellow tea liquid and sweet aftertaste. After ages, its overall taste can be richer. This tea is worth to invest for private collection.

    • Storing: ~65% humidity, ventilated and odorless, away from sunlight
    • Brand: TaeTea Dayi
    • Production Date: Oct.2017
    • Shelf Time: the Longer the Better
    • Recipe: 7542, big leaf Saiqing Mao Cha
    • Batch: 1701
    • Manufacture: Menghai Manufacturer
    • Origin: Xishuang Banna, YunNan Province of China

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