Sold Out Dayi Pu erh 7572 Ripe Tea 1701

Dayi Pu erh 7572 Ripe Tea 1701

SKU: PT-RP-DY7572-1701-150

mellow and aromatic mouthfeel; example of ripe teas

The First batch of 2017 Menghai 7572 ripe Pu Er tea is one of the conventional ripe tea products in Menghai factory, and regarded as the standard ripe Pu Er tea for tea drinkers or tasters to judge the quality of other ripe Pu Er tea. This tea has mellow taste and long-lasting sweetness. The comprehensive high-quality Menghai flavor is respected by the public.

Golden tip buds are averagedly spread on the tea cake surface with main 7 grades of Maocha inside. Medium fermentation, this allows the activity of the tea to change as time goes by. If stored for about 3 years, its age aroma appears and tea liquid becomes more smooth and soft.

    • Storage: ~65% humidity, ventilated and odorless, away from sun light
    • Brand: Dayi(Taetea)
    • Production Date: Oct.2017
    • Shelf Time: the Longer the Better
    • Recipe: 7572, big leaf Mao Cha
    • Batch: 1701
    • Manufacture: Menghai Manufacture
    • Food Additives Added?:None
    • Origin: Xishuang Banna, YunNan Province of China

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