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Dian Hong Black Tea Royal Gold Cake


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premium pure golden single-bud Dian Hong tea cake
gorgeous golden cake, a great black tea collection

Royal Gold Cake is from a prime selection of quality ingredients in an ecological tea farm. It is made and processed with high temperature autoclaving through combination of modern scientific and traditional processing technologies. It has the characteristics of fat strips, golden downy, bright-red tea liquor, long-lasting aroma and fragrant mellow taste. Golden bud tips are on every single piece, the overall looking is noble and dazzling. Compare to common pu’erh tea, this tea has less aged taste, instead, the fragrance is more intense. It tastes fresh, mellow, aromatic, smooth and sweet, endlessly.

    • Type: YunNan Dian Hong Black Tea
    • Origin: FengQing, Yunnan Province
    • Production Date: 2014
    • Shelf Time: good for the long term storing under proper condition
    • Storing: dry, ventilated, odorless and away from sun light.

Brewing Guide

To brew Dianhong tea, either glass or fair cup can be fine to use.

Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal taste)

    • To warm tea wares by pouring boiling water into the tea pot, and then transfer to a fair cup and tea cup. Then discard the water.
    • Use a teaspoon to insert an appropriate amount of tea leaves (3-5g, depending on personal taste) into the glass.
    • To awake tea: Pour proper amount of hot boiling water into the glass and immediately drain off water, in the meantime wash away impurities.
    • Fill up boiling water again and covered with lid.
    • Steep for about 1 ~ 2 min. to serve.
    • Pour out the tea into fair cup and ready to share.

*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

*Good to be blended with milk, sugar or honey for preference.

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