Dian Hong Black Tea Royal Gold Cake


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sweet, floral, aromatic, rich and round. First three infusions have no weakened sign as it shown on the photo.


Royal Gold Cake is from a prime selection of quality ingredients in an ecological tea farm. It is made and processed with high temperature autoclaving through combination of modern scientific and traditional processing technologies. It has the characteristics of fat strips, golden downy, bright-red tea liquor, long-lasting aroma and fragrant mellow taste. Golden bud tips are on every single piece, the overall looking is noble and dazzling. Compare to common pu’erh tea, this tea has less aged taste, instead, the fragrance is more intense.

It tastes floral, mellow, aromatic, smooth and sweet. First three infusions have no weakened sign as it shown on the photo.

    • Type: YunNan Dian Hong Black Tea
    • Origin: FengQing, Yunnan Province
    • Production Date: 2014
    • Shelf Time: good for the long term storing under proper condition
    • Storing: dry, ventilated, odorless and away from sun light.


Steeping Guide

To brew Dianhong tea, either glass or fair cup can be fine to use.

    • tea / water: 1g:30ml
    • water temperature: ~ 212°F


Rinse tea wares:

    • Pour boiling water into teapot, and then transfer to a tea pitcher and to teacups. The purpose of doing this step is to warm tea wares.



    • add tea leaves into teapot.
    • add hot boiling water into teapot.
    • cover with lid and let it steep for about 45 sec. for 1st and 2nd infusion.
    • stream out tea into a tea pitcher and ready to serve.

*add additional 30 seconds to each subsequent infusion.
*Good to be blended with milk, sugar or honey for preference.

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