Dragon Well Green Tea First Flush Da Fo Longjing 2019



Dry leaves are full of refreshing fragrance. Fruity flavor hits your tasting sense directly with a slight touch of fried bean note. Tea tastes brisk and delicate but rich with fabulous refreshing lasting.

  • Name: Da Fo Dragon Well, Lungching, Longjing in Chinese "大佛龙井"
  • Brisk, refreshing; delicate nutty note, long-lasting
  • Origin: Shao Xin, Zhe Jiang Province
  • Production Date: Feb. 2019 (harvested about 16th to 19th of Feb)
  • Shelf Life: Best within 18 months

Flat but thick, really small tiny tea leaves that have fresh yellowish green color on the dry tea leaves. This tea is not only qualified with the Standard of "One Bud One Leaf", but also carried with fetal buds of new leaves which apparently can be seen on the photo. All of leaves are short sprouting bud-heads. Dry tea leaves are full of  refreshing smell. Tea tastes delicate but rich with fabulous refreshing returning. This tea is high quality dragon well tea, is recommended for advanced Dafo Longjing lovers. If you love high quality Longjing tea that has stronger fried bean note or chestnut note, try this type dragon well tea

This Dragon Well(Longjing) tea is picked and made before the time of 20th of Feb. 2019. It is about two weeks after Chinese New Year's Day, one week after the first flush of Wu Niu Zao Dragon Well tea and a few days after first flush of lower sea level Da Fo Dragon Well tea.

This first flush Da Fo Dragon Well tea comes from Xin Chang County of Zhe Jiang Province where the ecological tea farm in the high mountains, more than 400 meters above sea level. This Dragon Well is finely selected and made from first flush new buds of Longjing 43 cultivar, a cutting plant which is currently most popular and well known good quality Longjing cultivar.

Da Fo Dragon Well tea is one of Yue Zhou Dragon Well, and it is the best variety of Yue Zhou Dragon Well green tea.


Brewing Guide

  • Tea ware recommended: Clear tall glass
  • tea leaves/ water: 1g:40ml(adjust amount for personal preference)
  • water temperature: ~180°F


  • Warm the glass with hot boiling water then discard water.
  • Using a teaspoon, take an appropriate amount of tea leaves(Generally 3g) and put it into the glass.
  • Add a small amount of 180°F of hot boiled water into glass, about 1/3 of glass. Rotate the glass for about 20 sec. to wet leaves. At the meantime, enjoy the released fragrance of tea.
  • And then fill up with hot water along the edge of the glass. 
  • Ready to serve after a couple minutes.
  • Subsequent brewing: refill hot water for next brewing when 1/3 of tea is remained in the glass.

*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.