Glass Gongfu Teapot with Infuser

SKU: TS-GL-701-500

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A preferable teapot to keep in your work where you have not much time spending on tea brewing. This teapot is quick and easy to use, it is a best teapot for work or even travelling.

Capacity: 500ml


  • Easy to clean, to use
  • New design
  • Finely made with food grade materials
  • heat resistance
  • Extremely fine filtering
  • Easy controlling thickness of tea to avoid over-brew.
  • Good for brewing any type of tea and even coffee.
  • Convenient to carry, great choice for office or travelling.


  • Inner infuser cup is made of polystyrene material, it is food safety, durable.
  • Outer teapot is made of food grae glass.
  • Stainless food grade filter mesh.

How to use it:

  1. take appropriate amount of tea leaves into the inner infuser.
  2. pour hot water into the infuser and close the lid to brew.
  3. press and hold the button on the top to release the tea into teapot when tea is ready.
  4. remove the lid and place it upside down on the side(use the lid as a mat for the inner infuser). Unload the inner infuser and place it on the lid.