Keemun Black Tea Xiang Luo Superfine


sweet and mellow taste little creamy with hints of chocolate; sharp aroma as fruity and orchid 

This is one of most popular Keemun tea in china that more than 20,000 kg was sold, and earned positive reputation 9.7 out of 10. This superior aromatic and mellow taste Red Xiang Luo has black blooming color. The uniformed profile looks slim and delicate with gold buds occasionally revealed. The amber-like tea liquor color can only be seen from the hand-made tea. Every batch of tea coming to the market is rigorously supervised by specialist in order to guaranteed the quality of the tea.

Item Detail

  • Tea Type: Keemun Xiangluo Black Tea
  • Origin: Qimen, Anhui Province
  • Production Date: Oct, 2018
  • Shelf Time: 18 Months
  • Season: Spring

    Brewing Guide
    Keemun KungFu brewing method
    Keemun black tea, one of the world famous black teas, is very particular about brewing.

    Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal taste)

      • Pour boiling water into the pot, and then transfer to a fair cup and tea cup. The purpose of doing this step is to average the temperature of hot water and tea wares that will not causing the temperature disparity between them.
      • Use a teaspoon to move tea into the pot.
      • Pour the boiling water at 90 °c ~ 100 °c into the pot by first using rotating pouring method, then using straight pouring method, and finally with the "Phoenix three nodding" pouring method to full the pot. Hold the lid with hand to skim off the froth if any. Cover with lid and let it stand for ~1 minute.
      • Pour the tea liquor into a fair cup.
      • Split the tea from fair cup into each tea cup to serve.

    add additional 30 seconds to each subsequent infusion.

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