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notes of cedar, spinach,bean, revealed with a pleasant bitterness; very intense and aromatic. 
    • Name: Lao Shan Green Tea
    • Type: Green Tea
    • Origin: Shandong Province
    • Storage: Tight sealed, odorless, best to keep in cold condition
    • Production Date: May. 2019
    • Shelf Time: 18 Months
    • Harvest Time: Spring

Steeping Guide
Use colorless and transparent glass, with water temperature around 185 °F for brewing. Brew delicate tea with extreme hot water will bring out the bitterness and affect the taste.

    • Warm the glass with hot boiling water then discard water.
    • Using a teaspoon, take an appropriate amount of tea (Generally 3g, depending on personal taste) and put it into the glass.
    • When hot boiled water gets cooled down to about 185°F, lift up hot water pot and pour a small amount of hot water until tea leaves fully covered. And by rotating the glass for about 30 sec. to wet leaves, at the meantime, enjoy the scent of tea.
    • And then fill up with hot water (185°F) along the edge of the glass by using rotating pouring method to make tea leaves rolling up and down.
    • Ready to serve after 30 sec. Refill hot water until 1/3 of tea remaining.

*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

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