Sold Out Lu'an Melon Seeds Green Tea

Lu'an Melon Seeds Green Tea


delicate nutty aroma; sweet taste; rich and mellow but not bitter nor astringent 

Dabie Mountain famous sessile green tea without any buds that made only from single leaves does not taste grassy and astringent. Naturally planted and physically pest controlled premium tea is carefully selected from a non-pollution environment.

Compared to other daily Lu’an Melon Seed teas, this tea has a distinct and more stable quality that accumulates such loyal tea fans.

The quality of native tea tree species is stable, and only young leaves are picked for decades. Tea leaves are stir-fried and well-fired by tea masters so that the tea is rich and mellow but not bitter nor astringent.

The solid strips shape dry tea looks like frost coated emerald that lasts longer than buds tea for brewing, and let out a delicate aroma and mellow sweet taste.

Brewing Guide
Use same brewing method as other green teas.

To brew tender green tea such as Xihu Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng or Biluo Chun, usually use colorless and transparent glass, with water temperature around 85 °c for brewing, but never use boiling water. The non-fermented green tea itself is very tender. Brew with extreme hot water would bring out the bitterness and affect the taste.

    • Warm the glass with hot boiling water then discard water.
    • Using a teaspoon, take an appropriate amount of tea (Generally 3g, depending on personal taste) and put it into the glass.
    • When hot boiled water gets cooled down to about 85°c, lift up hot water pot and pour a small amount of hot water until tea leaves fully covered. And by rotating the glass for about 30 sec. to wet leaves, at the meantime, enjoy the smell of tea.
    • And then fill up with hot water (85°c) along the edge of the glass by using rotating pouring method to make tea leaves rolling up and down.
    • Ready to serve after 30 sec. Refill hot water until 1/3 of tea remaining.

*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

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