Organic Oolong Taiwan High Mountain Spring Tea


full bodied type; floral & fruit aroma as honey or peach

This USDS organic verified high quality Taiwan oolong tea is cultivated in the attitude of 1588 meter above mountain in the Lincang County, YunNan Province where the most famous teas from. 

The fertile alpine soil, the humidity and rainy climate are the prior elements to produce this special sweet taste tea.

The organic cultivation including man weeding, hand picking fresh leaves and man-made insect repellant is only for producing high quality non pesticide organic tea. To provide tea tree with lusher nutrition, the organic liquid artificial fertile is compounded with egg, milk, and more than ten other natural raw ingredients.

The tea is made with traditional baking technique that the finished dark green tea leaves last longer for brewing with its floral & fruit aroma as honey or peach.

This is transplanted Taiwan Alishan tea grown in YunNan Province where they locate on the same latitude of the planet.

    • Tea Type: Oolong Tea
    • Storage: Keep dry in room Temperature, away from sunlight
    • Origin: YunNan Province
    • Production Date: 2018
    • Shelf Time: 24 Months
    • Harvest Time: Spring
    • Food Specifications: Organic

Steeping Guide
Tea ware recommended:

It can be either using porcelain tea set or Yixing clay tea set to steep Taiwan oolong tea, depending on personal preference.

Porcelain (tea pot):

    • Rinse tea ware with hot boiling water.
    • Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves (6- 8 grams, depending on personal taste) placed in the tea pot.
    • To wash the tea leaves; slowly pour 95°c of hot water (close to boiling point) into tea pot just to cover tea leaves, beginning along the edge of tea pot gradually to the center by using rotating pouring method. When the water run over the tea leaves, immediately discard the froth or impurities, and drain off the liquor.
    • After washing the tea, do the first infusion with same hot water again but fill water just up to 90% of tea pot, and cover with lid. Frequently shower tea pot with boiling water to keep the temperature.
    • First and second infusion can be ready about 20 sec.

*Increase steeping time (doubled) for subsequent brewing.

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