Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea Ginger Aroma



rich and refreshing with subtle raw ginger flavor; fabulous sweet and smooth aftertaste.


Ginger flower aroma Dan Cong is reputed for its unique ginger flavor and its truly marvelous aroma, and it is also known for its brilliant subtle spicy taste mingled with its sweetness.

This tea has a long-lasting aroma, and it tastes rich and refreshing with subtle raw ginger flavor from its bright golden tea. The dark brown dry leaves are stripped slimly and little curly. Slightly sweet at the beginning, with a hint of ginger flower, rich and smooth. It has definite special charm of ginger flower. It gives a fabulous sweet and smooth aftertaste, likes some kind of ginseng flavor found in oolong tea. it is also very long lasting for brewing which can be brewed more than 10 times. The aftertaste is such outstanding in the palate compared to other types Dan Cong oolong. May be the slightly spicy taste proclaims its own uniqueness!

  • Name: Phoenix Dan Cong
  • Tea Type: Oolong Tea
  • Aroma Type: Ginger Aroma, Ginger Flower Aroma, “Tong Tian Xiang” in Chinese.
  • Origin: Feng Huang(Phoenix township), Guang Dong province
  • Year: April, 2019
  • Shelf life: 36 months


Steeping Guide:

  • Tea ware recommended: porcelain, ceramic, Yixing Clay
  • Leaves/water: 1g/20ml
  • Water Temperature: 212°F
  • serving size: ~6g/serving


  • Rinse the tea wares with hot boiling water.
  • Insert tea leaves into the tea pot.
  • Pour boiling water straight into tea pot to rinse the tea leaves.
  • Immediately pour out the tea to other tea ware(rinse tea wares with very first steeped tea*).
  • Add hot boiling water into the tea pot again.
  • Covered with lid about 4 sec. for the first and second steep.
  • Pour out tea into a tea pitcher to share.

    *Increase additional 2 seconds for every subsequent steeping.

    *Usually, oolong tea need to be wakened by hot water before first brewing. Adding hot boiling water and drained immediately for tea wakening will not lose the flavor of tea. In this case, it will help the flavor to be fully released for brewing, and also it cleans away impurities of leaves. 

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