Phoenix DanCong Oolong Tea King of Duck Shit


the flavor of this oolong is extracted from the essences of Rock tea and Tie Guan Yin, but without the smoky astringency of Rock tea and the grassy of Tie Guan Yin; super green leaves long-lasting aroma 
    • Type: Dan Cong Oolong (Chou Shi) dehydrate
    • Origin: Fenghuang(Phoenix) Town, Guangdong Province
    • Production Date: March, 2018
    • Shelf Life: 36 month
    • Storing: keep in room temperature(best to keep in cold), tight sealed and away from sun

Spring Dancong tea has the sweetest taste, most aromatic and lasting flavor than other season Dancong. The leaves of this dehydrate (chou shi) duck shit aroma Dancong look super green with its beautiful greenish apricot-like tea soup gives both durable aroma and durable brewing.

Brewing Guide
Porcelain tea set is recommended for Dan Cong Oolong tea brewing.

Ratio of leaves and water: 1g:30ml (depending on personal taste)

    • Rinse the tea wares by hot boiling water.
    • Use a teaspoon to move an appropriate amount of tea leaves (~5gram) into the tea pot.
    • Pour boiling water straight into tea pot to rinse the tea leaves by hot boiling water.
    • Discard the tea liquor.
    • Pour hot boiling water into the tea pot again.
    • Covered with lid about 10 sec. for the first infusion.
    • Pour into fair cup to share.

*Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing.


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