Phoenix DanCong Oolong Tea King of Duck Shit



the flavor of this oolong is extracted from the essences of Rock tea and Tie Guan Yin, but no smoky astringency of Rock tea and the grassy of Tie Guan Yin; It has both fragrance of green tea and mellowness of black tea. Super green leaves and long-lasting aroma. 

  • Name: Phoenix Dan Cong, "凤凰单丛" in Chinese
  • Type: Oolong Tea
  • Aroma Type: Ya Shi Xiang, Duck shit aroma
  • Origin: Fenghuang(Phoenix) Town, Guangdong Province
  • Year: March, 2019
  • Shelf Life: 36 month

    A famous traditional Chinese oolong tea from Phoenix Town- Fenghuang County, Guangdong. A most aromatic oolong tea that has beautiful jade green strips. it combines the fragrance of green tea and mellowness of black tea. It is a type of rich tea that is integrated with honey, natural, floral and fruity notes.

    This spring Dancong tea has the sweetest taste, most aromatic and long lasting flavor than other season Dancong. The leaves of this dehydrate (chou shi) duck shit aroma Dancong look super green with its beautiful greenish apricot-like tea gives both long-lasting aroma and durable brewing.

    The only con side of this tea is it got a weird name for this special type aroma, "Yashixiang" which in Chinese means "Duck shit aroma". People come for its name and fall in love with it.

    Steeping Guide

    • Tea ware recommended: porcelain, ceramic, Yixing Clay
    • Leaves/water: 1g/20ml
    • Water Temperature: 212°F
    • serving size: ~6g/serving


    • Rinse the tea wares with hot boiling water.
    • Insert tea leaves into the tea pot.
    • Pour boiling water straight into tea pot to rinse the tea leaves.
    • Immediately pour out the tea to other tea ware(rinse tea wares with first steep*).
    • Add hot boiling water into the tea pot again.
    • Covered with lid about 5 sec. for the first and second steep.
    • Pour out tea into a tea pitcher to share.

      *Gradually increase additional 5sec. steeping time for subsequent steeping. 

      *Usually, oolong tea need to be wakened by hot water before first brewing. Adding hot boiling water and drained immediately for tea wakening will not lose the flavor of tea. In this case, it will help the flavor to be fully released for brewing, and also it cleans away impurities of leaves. 

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