Puwen Yunya Peacock Raw Pu erh Tea 2006


Delicate aged musty note implied with woody touch; rich taste from moderate astringency at beginning; earthy note subsided after third steep that bringing up soothing flowery hint; revealed and lingered with subtle sweetness ending down the throat.  

Item Detail

    • Type: YunNan Raw Puerh cake
    • Origin: Menghai,Yunnan,China
    • Manufacturer: Menghai PuWen Tea Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Production Date: 2006
    • Shlef Life: the longer in proper condition, the better

The raw material is selected from the superb sun-dried spring buds of the “big leaf” species of Camellia Sinensis. Being press made by traditional techniques, the shape is uniform with dense silver hair covered. The tea fragrance is strong, and it contains rich nutrients. Being dry stored over the past years, the aroma is pure and the tea liquor is bright clear but turns slightly red after 2 steeps. The taste is mellow and sweet, long lasting under the tongue.