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Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea


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fresh and clean taste of spinach, walnut, very vegetal, and long-lasting sweetness; intense fried bean fragrance; a very rich green tea with a lot more notes can be discovered.

Tai Ping Hou Kui, a traditional tea of Han Ethnic Group, one of the historic Chinese teas grown at the foot of Huang Shan(Yellow Mountain), is a type of reputed green tea produced in the region of Taiping County(former name of Huang Shan City), Anhui Province. In 2004, it won the title of “King of Green Tea” in the International Tea Fair.

Its shapes of buds binding with two leaves, flat and upright, natural stretch revealed with obscure white downy. The tea contains more than 500 nutritional components.

The color of the tea liquor is green and bright. The aroma is fresh and clean with long-lasting orchid incense. The taste is mellow and aftertaste remains sweet.

Item Detail

    • Origin: Huang Shan, Anhui
    • Production Date: April, 2018
    • Shlef Life: 18 Months
    • Harvest Time: MingQian
    • Grade: Superfine
    • Storage: Keep in dry, odorless, best in cold condition.


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