Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea


Delicate fragrant hand-pick high mountain tea taste mellow, and clean finish

Item Detail

    • Type: Taiwan Oolong Tea
    • Origin: Taiwan
    • Production Date: April, 2018
    • Shelf Life: 24 Months
    • Storing: Tight sealed, odorless, away from sunlight, best to keep in cold condition

Brewing Guide
Tea ware recommended:

It can be either using porcelain tea set or Yixing clay tea set to steep Taiwan oolong tea, depending on personal preference.

Standard ratio of oolong tea and water: 1g:30ml

Porcelain (tea pot):

    • Rinse tea ware with hot boiling water.
    • Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves (~8 grams) placed in the tea pot.
    • To wash the tea leaves; slowly pour boiling water into tea pot just to cover tea leaves, beginning along the edge of tea pot gradually to the center by using rotating-pouring method. When the water run over the tea leaves, immediately discard the froth or impurities, and drain off the liquor.
    • After washing the tea, do the first infusion with same hot water again but fill water just up to 90% of tea pot, and cover with lid. Frequently shower tea pot with boiling water to keep the temperature.
    • First and second infusion can be ready about 1 minute. 

*Increase steeping time (doubled) for subsequent brewing.