White Hair Silver Needle First Flush Old Arbor Tea 2016


well balanced and smooth; delicate, light, fresh and sweet


This white downy tea, from source of its origin Fuding, Fujian province, picked from high altitude is 100% hand made with traditional pressing. Due to the strict selecting, clean and simple processing of this white tea, it is a great white tea cake for long term collection.

The dry tea is being naturally withered. Layers are tightly, evenly and finely stacked. Downy hair showing on the tea cake are well distributed in the whole cake. The tender bold strips look perfect and well balanced. The bright orange tea soup looks smooth, limpid and as clear as crystal.

The more aged white tea the better it tastes. Every single cup taste excellent, that it has a strong tea flavor, sweet herb taste and fragrant remaining.

Item Detail

  • Tea Type: white tea.
  • Name: White Hair Silver Needle, Bai Hao Yin Zhen, ”白毫银针“ in Chinese.
  • Origin: Fuding, Fujian Province
  • Production Date: 2016
  • Season: Earlier Spring
  • Shelf Time: the longer the better under proper condition
  • Storage: Keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight

Brewing Guide
Transparent glass with handle or gaiwan is recommended for White Hair Silver Needle tea brewing. By using glass, the dramatic pose changing of tea leaves in the liquor can be appreciated through the glass from all angles. The steeping water temperature about 90°c would be best. It is best to brew it Gongfu style, using more tea with a shorter steep time.

  • Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal taste)
  • Water temperature: 185°F - 200°F

Gently pick out the leaves with a tea awl along layer of the tea cake. Use certain amount of leaves for certain amount of people.(~5g)
Put the tea leaves into a teapot.
And then pour boiling water into the pot to warm and wet the leaves that can improve the clarity of tea and also can fully release the true taste of tea.
Skim off the impurities and immediately drain off the water.
Add hot water into pot for first infusion about 30-45 sec.
Transfer the tea to a fair cup with a strainer.
Ready to share. Enjoy the aroma before tasting it.
*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

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