Wild White Peony Tea 2015



delicate floral hint over light herbal note at the entry. apricot flavor, a little buttery remained after. Very well lasting.


Item Detail

  • Tea Type: Wild White Tea 
  • Name: Bai Mu Dan, White Peony, "白牡丹" in Chinese
  • Origin: FuDing, Fujian
  • Production Date: April 2015
  • Season: Spring
  • Storage: Keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight
  • Shelf Life: the longer the better under proper storage condition

Bai Mu Dan is grown primarily in the Fujian Province of China and it is made from very small buds and leaves that are plucked in early spring. The leaves are multi-colored like autumn foliage. White Peony has a bold taste with hints of oak, nut and vanilla with an apricot color brew. A delicate lingering fragrance and a fresh mellow sweet taste devoid of astringency or grassy flavor with a shimmering clear infusion. You will notice a very mild peony aroma when brewing the tea and a floral aroma.

This white peony tea incorporates one bud and two tiny leaves, plucked in early spring, covered with tiny silver and white fuzz on one side and touting a deep sage green color on the other side. The best Bai Mu Dan is produced using the two leaves and a bud proportion and is naturally withered to produce leaves that are not black or red but green in color. The tea leaves are finely selected that require this tea only be picked between March 15 and April 10, not on raining day or foggy day.

Brewing Guide
It is best to brew it Gongfu style, using more tea with a shorter steep time. The tea is a very pale green or golden color. Fruity and darker then Silver Needle, yet not as strong as Shou Mei.

  • teapot: porcelain gaiwan or ceramic teapot
  • serving size: 5g
  • Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml
  • Water temperature: 195°F -212°F
  1. Gently pick out the leaves with a tea awl along layer of the tea cake. Use certain amount of leaves for certain number of people.
  2. add tea leaves into a teapot.
  3. And then pour boiling water into the pot to warm and wet the leaves that can improve the clarity of tea and also can fully release the true taste of tea.
  4. Skim off the impurities and immediately drain off the water.
  5. Add hot water into pot for first infusion about 45 sec.
  6. filter tea into a tea pitcher with a strainer.

*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

*Other way to brew white tea.