Wooden Tea Tray Table Top with Cup Rack

SKU: TS-A020


Two style options: wooden or black color; Sizes: *wooden: 21" x 13 3/13" x H 2 1/4"; *black: 26" x 14 1/4" x H 2 5/8"

  • Material: tan-oak top, plastic bottom tray
  • Sizes:
    • wooden: 21" X 13 3/16" X H 2 1/4"
    • black: 26" X 14 1/4" X H 2 5/8"
  • Product include: wooden top, plastic tray and soft draining hose

Tea tray is an essential accessory for tea steeping. During a tea session, spilling tea on the table is inevitable. Even some special tea steeping requires showing teapot and tea cups with hot boiling water to get the best result. In this circumstance, tea tray is recommended to use for holding the spilled tea.

This tea tray is consisted of two parts, wooden top and plastic tray. The pull-push type plastic tray in equipped under the wooden top to contain spilled water. There is a waterspout with plug on the edge of plastic tray for water draining. When steep tea with more spill (wet steep), this plastic tray can work with the included soft hose to completely drain off water.

Tea tray includes a small rack on the side for hanging accessories or cup drying. For larger tabletop space, this rack can be placed upside down for a flat top.
This light-weight tea tray is very convenient to use, easy to clean and no other maintenance needed. It doesn’t take much space to store in the cabinet.

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