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Xi Gui Old Arbor Raw Pu'er Tea 2017


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rich and thick texture, not irritate as other new tea; taste natural, soft and mellow; flowery and fruity notes; had quick clean sweet return in the palate from light bitter, and with a hint of sugarcane

Item Detail
Origin: Xi Gui Mountain, YunNan Province
Production Date: 2017 first flush
Shelf Life: the longer in proper condition, the better
Storing: Keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight
Ingredient: Xi Gui old arbor leaves

Brewing Guide
It is recommended to use bigger tea sets such as ceramic sets, Yixing Clay sets or gaiwan to brew pu’erh tea, to enjoy the quality and characteristic of pu’erh tea’s color, aroma and the taste. 90°c to 100°c of water temperature will be better.

For best tasting result, the pressed pu'erh tea should be pried to loose form and exposed in the air two weeks before brewing.

Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal taste)

The usual brewing method of raw pu’erh tea:

  • Prepare certain amount of tea leaves for certain count of people.
  • Rinse tea wares with hot boiling water.
  • Put the tea leaves into a teapot.
  • And then pour boiling water into it to wash off the dirt and impurities of tea, immediately drain off the water. In this case can improve the clarity of tea and also can fully release the true taste of pu'er tea.
  • First steep: Pour the hot water into tea pot and steep for 10 sec.
  • Transfer tea to a fair cup and ready to share.
  • Enjoy the aroma before tasting it.

*Gradually increase steeping time when tea is fading out

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