Xin Yang Mao Jian Green Tea 2019



nutty, rich chestnut flavor; sweet refreshing and fruity


This needle-like thin dry tea smelt brightly refreshing and lingered with sweet honey fragrance, is a beginner-level and intermediate-level green tea, has rich chestnut note mingled with slightly vanilla aroma. 

  • Name: Xin Yang Mao Jian; "信阳毛尖" in Chinese
  • Origin: Xin Yang, Henan Province of China
  • Production Date: April. 2019
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months
  • Harvest Time: Earlier April 2019


Steeping Guide:

we recommend to brew this tea in grandpa style (using tall glass).

  • water temperature: ~190°F
  • serving amount: 3-5g
  • leaves/water: 1g/40ml


  • Rinse glass with hot boiling water.
  • Throw tea leaves into the glass.
  • add 1/3 of hot water into.
  • Rotate glass to release the fragrance of tea.
  • Fill up hot water. Appreciate the tea by watching these beautiful buds falling down one by one during waiting time.
  • Wait about 3-5 minute to serve.
  • For subsequent steeping, refill hot water when half glass of tea is lasted.

*add additional time for subsequent steeping.