Yue Guang Bai Ancient Arbor White Silver Needle 2017


Silky, smooth, sweet potato flavor, floral note, sweet refreshing end.
  • Tea Type: Old Arbor Single Buds White Tea
  • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf dried Mao Cha fermentation processed
  • Origin: Jinggu, YunNan Province of China
  • Production Date: 2017
  • Storage: Keep dry, odorless and away from sunlight
  • Shelf Life: 5 years

As pu-erh tea has grown in popularity, a deeper understanding of it came to be established and local Yunnan tea makers developed a new breed of pu-erh, the Moonlight Beauty.

This unique tea is made of young tea buds of Yunnan large-leaf older trees growing at an altitude of 1800 meters above. Raw leaves are processed by a method similar to that of Fuding White Tea. The Moonlight Beauty tea is rich in taste, and brews to a clear yellow liquid full of flavor with each mouthful smooth and sweet without a hint of bitterness.

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