Zhong Cha 2016 Hong Yun Chun Ya Ripe Pu erh


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bright and red tea; pure earthy aroma; mellow and smooth taste; fine and clean texture 

  • Tea Type: Ripe Puerh Tea
  • Origin: YunNan
  • Production Date: 2016
  • Shelf Life: the longer the better in the proper storage condition
  • Storage: ~65% humidity, ventilated and odorless, away from sunlight

This primely selected "one-bud two-leaves" tea is from hometown of world’s original tea, Menghai county of YunNan Province where the best connatural condition provided for tea growing. This tea cake is being through traditional withered, hand rolled and stone mold compressed with golden bud-tips blended. It is really an uncommon tea cake made in appropriate looseness that provides perfect condition for fermentation and conversion.