Sold Out Zhong Cha 6291 Raw Pu erh Tea 2006

Zhong Cha 6291 Raw Pu erh Tea 2006

SKU: PT-RW-ZC6291-06

rich and thick lasts with floral and aged aroma; light smoky and heavy woody notes; very textured, with a sense of implication 

This is version of 2006 Zhong Cha 6291 recipe, a star recipe of classic raw pu’er tea. This tea can be competed with the Jing Mai Peacock Classic pu’er, taste not much different that people in the industry call it "superb cake cannot be copied”. The raw ingredient of recipe is blended by previous Jing Mai Peacock tea master.

It is recommended for Peacock pu’erh fan who really need to try one of these.

This is a classic of very well-made tea cake, lasting only orchid and aged aroma. A very strong woody fragrance exuded in the air can be scented at the moment of opening. After 11 year conversion, the aroma is mixed with a light smoky smell which fragrance is unique. Tea is strong, obviously feel the strength of wilderness at the first drink. The soup is sticky, very textured, with a sense of implication.

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