Yunnan Jasmine Flower Tea

Name: Big Budding Jasmine Flower Tea Ingredients: Baked Green Tea, fresh Jasmine Flower Quality: Prenium Strong jasmine flavor tea Shelf Life: 18 months Product Date: April, 2020 Permit: SC11453042805806 Although it contains less jasmine flower, it emits jasmine scents spasmodically...

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Jasmine Flower Tea - Bi Tan Piao Xue

Name: Bi Tan Piao Xue; “碧潭飘雪” Tea Type: Flower Tea Origin: Ya’an, Sichuan Production Date: July 2019 QS: SC1151180300828 Ingredients: Jasmine Flower, Fried Green Tea. Shelf Life: 18 Months This jasmine flower tea is blended from native Sichuan green tea...

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Osmanthus Oolong Tea

Osmanthus flower blended with oolong tea, without losing the taste of oolong tea itself, but also had rich osmanthus fragrance. Drinking osmanthus oolong tea is a relax heartwarming experience, the elegant and refreshing osmanthus oolong tea with its slight fragrance...

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Jasmine Pearl Tea

Clean jasmine taste, this well balanced jasmine tea is from Chen's farm in Heng County, Guangxi Province, the hometown of best jasmine tea. This jasmine tea is made of 2018 earlier spring tea leaves, scented with jasmine flower and produced...

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Rose Oolong Tea Sachet

Tea Type: rose oolong tea Ingredients: rose petals, oolong Serving size: 1 bag/serving weight: 5g/bag Production Date: Feb. 2020 Shelf Life: 18 months  

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Peach Oolong Tea

A convenient tea bag for travelling and outdoor. Pyramid corn fiber tea bag design gives enough space for loose leaf to freely expand. This tea can be used for hot brewing and even taste better for cold brewing. Ingredients: loose oolong...

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