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Tea Quen, previously Luna Cha, is an online tea shop established in New York City. We open business to USA and Canada regions. Our loose leaf teas are directly imported from China, some are directly from tea farms. We have great quality loose leaf teas as well as pu erh teas or aged tea bricks. Our goal is serve our customer best quality tea for a best price and with faster shipping time.

In order to provide best service to our customer, we do have free shipping service for order over $40, and only collect a very little shipping fee for subsidy on small order. We are looking to satisfy every customer, making every customer happy  with us. Please talk to us for any dissatisfaction.

The most teas in our tea shop are popular Chinese teas which have established their reputation over decades or even hundreds years in China. We are unlike other tea shops that not clearly provide much tea information such as harvest time, or production time. The picking time of tea is most significant tag to understand the quality of tea you buy online. As Tie Guan Yin tea, the super grade of spring tea is absolutely different to the super grade of autumn tea. As well as Dragon Well (longjing) green tea, mostly harvested in spring time, is classified and graded by MingQian (before Clear Bright) and YuQian (before Grain Rain). Finest quality green tea is usually harvested in MingQian. If you never heard of these words please visit our blog. It will help you to understand more about tea.

We provide the brewing guide on every product to instruct you the best way to brew tea for best result. We also have established a blog to introduce and explain all of information about tea. Please do not doubt the quality of our teas because of our low price. We are not looking into profit at the beginning, but reputation. Please spend a little of your valuable time to share your tasting experience with us by leaving your review to the tea you purchased. We appreciate your time! And enjoy your tea.

Check out our blog to learn more about Chinese tea!

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