Silver Needle Loose Leaf White Tea

White Hair Silver Needle (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is one of the most revered of Chinese teas, produced in the Fuding and Zhenhe districts of Fujian province. Gathered only for a few days in early spring, the dedication to perfection...

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Yue Guang Bai Ancient Arbor White Silver Needle 2017

Tea Type: Old Arbor Single Buds White Tea Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf dried Mao Cha fermentation processed Origin: Jinggu, YunNan Province of China Production Date: 2017 Storage: Keep dry, odorless and away from sunlight As pu-erh tea has grown in popularity, a...

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Wild White Peony Tea 2015

This white peony tea incorporates one bud and two tiny leaves, plucked in early spring, covered with tiny silver and white fuzz on one side and touting a deep sage green color on the other side. The best Bai Mu...

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King of White Peony Tea First Flush Mu Dan Wang 2017

Name: Mu Dan Wang, King of White Peony, "牡丹王" Tea Type: White Tea Origin: Fuding, Fujian Production Date: 2017 Harvest Time: MingQian ( earlier spring ) Shelf Life: the longer the better under proper storage condition Storage: keep dry, odorless...

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White Peony Tea 2014

Name: ”白牡丹“ in Chinese, pronounced bai mu dan Tea Type: White Peony Tea Cake/Bai Mu Dan Origin: FuDing, Fujian Production Date: April, 2014 Herbal note, very soft, creamy, papaya, a touch of honey flavor Season: Spring Storing: Keep dry and...

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White Hair Silver Needle First Flush Old Arbor Tea 2016

This white downy tea, from source of its origin Fuding, Fujian province, picked from high altitude is 100% hand made with traditional pressing. Due to the strict selecting, clean and simple processing of this white tea, it is a great...

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