Yi Xing Tian Qing Clay Bossed Decal Painting Teapot Set


  • Teapot Style: Short Xishi
  • Raw ore Tian Qing (Azure) clay from Huang Long Mountain, Yixing, Jiangsu
  • Built-in hemispheric infuser
  • Gift box
  • Intricate bossed decal painting, bossed clay painting
  • Craftsman: Rong Fen, Fang
  • Recommended for brewing: oolong tea (light fermented), Pu erh tea (both raw and ripe)

Pot Specification:

  • Capacity: 160ml.
  • Length: 4.92”
  • Pot opening: D 2.44”
  • Height: 2.36”

“Dui Hui”, bossed decal painting, is an intricate and decorative craftmanship specially used for Yi Xing pottery since Earlier Qing Dynasty.

Tian Qian clay, was regularly used in Qing Dynasty, it is a raw ore only from Huang Long Mountain, Yi Xing, Jiangsu Province, and is rarely to find now. This kind of material has a good insulation effect, and quick temperature transmitting, is conducive to keep tea temperature for tea brewing. It does directly somehow improve the taste and aroma of tea.

The front side of teapot is Inlaid with peony flower decals. The other side of teapot is painted with bossed Chinese old character writing of “tea aroma exuded around by insensible tea in the cup”. It is 100% handmade with improved built-in 188-hole hemispheric shape strainer, that can filter out smaller broken dregs, and allows tea streaming quick and smooth. Even with full pot of leaves will not stop the smoothness of streaming.

It comes with upscale decorative gift box, with 4 pieces of tea cups made of same material in the box. Additionally, there are some pot caring accessories included in the box such as pot caring brush, pot towel, cork coaster (pot mat) and a macramé string for pot lid secure, as well as a craftsman certificate.

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