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Stainless Steel Tea Strainer

A useful tool for tea preparation that which can effectively filter the impurities. It also can be used as other kitchen filter or strainer. This stainless steel made filter is durable and convenient, easy to use and clean.Item Detail Quantity:...

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Ceramic Lotus Tea Caddy

Material: Ceramic Craftsmanship: Cameo, Rilievo Dimensions: D 9.8cm H 10cm Capacity: about 140g for Lapsang Souchong About 75g for Dan Cong Oolong About 200g for Tie Guan Yin Water capacity: 400 ml Caddy Wt: 500g Packaging: gift box This is...

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Yi Xing Tian Qing Clay Bossed Decal Painting Teapot Set

It comes with upscale decorative gift box, with 4 pieces of tea cups made of same material in the box. Additionally, there are some pot care accessories included in the box such as pot care brush, pot towel, cork coaster...

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