Bing Dao 2017 Ancient Arbor Spring Raw Pu erh



pure and rich, but a little bit of harsh because of short aging time(new tea); bitter note immediately return with pleasant sweetness sustained hours in the throat.


The tea is selected carefully from old arbor spring buds teas which grow in original ecological aged tea garden, Bingdao Village, Mengku Township in Yunnan with an altitude of more than 2000 meters. It is made by traditional handwork and processed in non-pollution environment. The shape is round with moderate tightness that filled same quality of material from inner to outer cake.

The tea soup is bright and clear with rich and pure aroma. It tastes soft, smooth, mellow and sweet after taste. And the sweetness can last for a long time. The first sip of this rare tea makes the unique aroma full of the mouth. After tasting, the fragrance is everywhere in the mouth and it is refreshing.

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