Pu erh Tea Bu Lang Dragon Pearls 2014



sweet fruity with slightly wild floral notes; pleasant sweet mouthfeel; could be bitter, slightly dry; long lasting more than 10 steeps

  • Name: Bu Lang Dragon Pearls
  • Tea Type: Pu Erh Tea (raw,”sheng”)
  • Origin: Bu Lang Mountain, Meng Hai County, YunNan
  • Ingredients: primarily selected from Bu Lang Mountain old arbor Spring tea leaves
  • Year: 2014
  • pleasantly sweet; could be bitter and slightly dry when steep with hotter water.
  • Long lasting, can be brewed more than 10 times. 
  • About 9g each pearl/serving.
  • Convenient for office or traveling.

This pu erh pearls tea is 100% hand rolled in 2014, has a coquettish sweet fruity fragrance with slightly wild floral notes. Thick bright yellow tea gives soft sweet remain, lingering clean and comfortable. First couple infusions taste a little bitter and dry (hotter steep, thicker taste), mixed with mild pleasant sweetness. After a few brewings, tea turns into light orange color, and tastes gentler and smoother.

Steepng Guide

  • Tea ware recommended: Yixing Clay, porcelain Gaiwan.
  • Water Temperature: ~200 - 212°F
  • Tea leaves / water: 1g:30ml (adjust amount for own preference)



  • Rinse tea wares with hot boiling water.
  • Put 1 pc. into a teapot.
  • And then pour boiling water into it to wash off the dirt and impurities of tea, drain off tea into teacups. Discard it. In this case can improve the clarity of tea and also can fully release the true taste of pu'er tea.
  • Repeat last step to rinse tea once more for better result.
  • First steep: Pour the hot water into tea pot and steep for about 30 to 45 sec.
  • Transfer tea to a tea pitcher and ready to share.

*Gradually increase steeping time when tea is fading out