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YunNan Black Tea Old Arbor Dian Hong


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Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea has a reddish brown color. The aroma is full of floral and fruity with a slightly roasted sweet potato and malty flavor undertone. The taste is slippery, creamy feel with refreshing and clean mouthfeel.
  • Tea Type: YunNan Black Tea, “Dian Hong”
  • About 50 year-old arbor leaves from FengQing, YunNan Province of China
  • Sense of rose fragrance, fruity and honey aroma; 
  • Spring tea, March 2018
  • Shelf Time: 36 Months
  • Storing: Tight sealed, keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight
Yunnan is a region in China known for producing excellent black tea. The fat golden buds is best of YunNan black tea. Tea soup of Yunnan Black Tea has a reddish brown color. The aroma is strong floral and fruity with a slight roasted undertone. The taste is smooth and sweet and the aftertaste is refreshing and clean.
During third century BC, the central area of Yunnan, around present day Kunming (Capital of YunNan), was known as ‘Dian’. The name Dian Hong means "Yunnan Black tea". Often Yunnan black teas are referred to as Dian Hong teas. Yunnan black teas vary in their flavor and appearance. Some grades have more golden buds and a very sweet and gentle aroma without astringency. Others make a darker, brown brew that is bright, uplifting and slightly sharp. You may add milk to this tea (a longer steeping time is needed to acquire enough astringency to balance the milk).
Black tea is a completely oxidized (fermented) tea. Black tea, or as it is known in China - hong cha (red tea), was originally only for export to the foreign markets. In China it is called red tea in reference to the color of the infused liquid or to the red edges of the oxidized leaves, as opposed to the color of the main body of the processed tea leaves. At one time, black tea was considered of lesser quality and not desired by the Chinese themselves and therefore, was exported. Which is why, to this day, black tea is what everyone outside of China thinks of when talking about tea, whereas, tea in China is understood to mean green tea.
Black tea leaves come from the same tea plant, Camellia sinensis as does all real tea, but probably the best comes from the Assam subvariety of the plant, Camellia sinensis Assamica, or a hybrid. The brewed leaves are reddish copper color and the liquor is bright red and slightly astringent but not bitter. The main difference is in the processing of the tea leaves, which makes black tea different from the other kinds of tea.
Brewing Guide

Ratio of tea and water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal preference)
  • To warm tea wares by pouring boiling water into the tea pot, and then transfer to a fair cup and tea cup. Then discard the water.
  • Use a teaspoon to move an appropriate amount of tea leaves (3-5g, depending on personal taste) into the glass.
  • Pour proper amount of hot boiling water into the glass and immediately drain off.
  • Fill up boiling water again and covered with lid.
  • Steep for about 1 min. to serve.
  • Pour out the tea into fair cup and ready to share.
*Gradually increase steeping time and for subsequent brewing.

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