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YunNan Black Tea Old Arbor Dian Hong


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Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea has a reddish-brown color. The aroma is full of floral and fruity with a slightly roasted sweet potato and malty flavor undertone. The taste is slippery, creamy feel with refreshing and clean mouthfeel.

  • Name: Yunnan Black Tea, “Dian Hong
  • Tea Type: Black Tea
  • About 50-year-old arbor leaves from FengQing, YunNan Province of China
  • rose note, fruity and honey aroma; 
  • Spring tea, March 2019
  • Shelf Time: 36 Months
  • Storing: Tight sealed, keep dry and odorless, away from sunlight

Yunnan is a region in China known for producing excellent black tea. The fat golden buds is best of Yunnan black tea. Tea soup of Yunnan Black Tea has a reddish-brown color. The aroma is strong floral and fruity with a slight roasted undertone. The taste of this tea is smooth and sweet, and the aftertaste is refreshing and clean.


Steeping Guide:

    • tea / water: 1g:30ml
    • water temperature: ~ 212°F

Rinse tea wares:

    • Pour boiling water into teapot, and then transfer to a tea pitcher and to teacups. The purpose of doing this step is to warm tea wares.


    • add tea leaves into teapot.
    • add hot boiling water into teapot.
    • cover with lid and let it steep for about 45 sec.
    • stream out tea into a tea pitcher and ready to serve.

*add additional 30 seconds to each subsequent infusion.


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