Yi Xing Black Gold Clay Zisha Teapot 160ml



Black gold clay is a synthetic of purple clay and other metal oxide. The obvious and exaggerated purple clay grain displayed on the outside of the teapot are made by adding coarser granules during the decorating. The color of original black clay is like black ink, like night sky. Sprinkled with a little bit of colorful sand, and combined with pottery carving and painting design, red and yellow Japanese apricot flowers on the teapot look like showy flowers craning out from unfathomable night.

Black clay is one of the most common clay in the early days. It is deeply loved and appreciated. New teapot has a sandy smell in the beginning, but looks grayish black after use. After few times of brewing, teapot is looked darker like black ink. It is great teapot to enjoy with a good quality tea.

  • Origin: Yi Xing, Jiangsu Province
  • Clay Type: black clay
  • Artist: Guo Wang, Wang
  • Recommended use for: oolong tea, pu erh tea.
  • Specification:
    • capacity: 160 ml.
    • built-in hemispherical shape 180-hole infuser
    • overall L 4.69"
    • overall H 2.95"
    • opening: D 1.97"
  • Feature:
    • Stream tea smoothly with no hassle.
    • Easy for time control, good for both beginner and advanced level.
  • Meaning of characters carved on the pot: faint fragrance "暗香"
  • Fully hand crafted
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