Sale -9% Lao Ban Zhang ancient arbor

Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu erh Tea Ancient Arbor 2017


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A top quality pu erh tea that taste strong, rich and robust, little harsh at the beginning but very well last with sweetness. This tea will become smoother and softer after years; It is a great tea for gift and also has potential collection value.
  • Origin: Menghai, Yunnan 
  • Production Year: 2017
  • Ingredients: first flush spring raw leaves from about 800 year-old arbor
  • Storing: dry, odorless and ventilated, avoid sun light 
  • Shelf Life: the more aged the better

Lao Ban Zhang, the most well-known tea in the Menghai Tea District. The tea is made by the ancient method of “Lao Ban Zhang 800 year-old ancient arbor leaves” that were supervised by special picking and finely made by professional tea master. It is made of pure spring first flush raw leaves from ancient arbor that being through the time of a cold winter toughening, the ancient tea tree has sufficient content and deep nutrients.