Six Blends Old Arbor Raw Pu erh Tea 2015 Crowdfunding

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Bitter at the entry, but not too irritated. A bit of slow returning with moderate sweetness. Second brewing has little astringent, but sweetness is not weakened. Amazing aftertaste, feel sweetness from last sips are fully accumulated and retained as melting syrup stuck under the deep throat. Honeyed-date flavor will be easily noticed after few brewing, meanwhile, aftertaste is subsided.


This tea is blended with old arbor spring tea leaves from old six major tea mountains: Yibang, Ge Deng, Mangzhi, Manzhuan, Yiwu and Yule. The processes are supervised and produced by YunNan Old Arbor Pu erh tea Research Associates. Every piece of tea cake, and even every piece of leaf is devoted to the efforts of crowdfunding members. 100% hand pressed tea has clean tea liquor, rich aftertastes, soft and sweet, very aromatic and smooth tea that has true taste of Yiwu Pu erh. Although it is accepted as an universal value Pu erh tea, finely selected from more than 500 tea samples are enough to prove the expectation of this tea. The quality emphasis is also the importance and responsibility to every crowdfunding member and to every consumer.

  • Tea Type: Pu Erh Tea (raw,”sheng”)
  • Year: 2015
  • Manufacturer: Menghai Hengban
  • Shelf Life: the longer in proper condition, the better


Steeping Guide
For best tasting result, the pressed pu erh tea should be pried to loose form and exposed in the air few days before steeping.

  • Tea ware recommended: Yixing Clay, Gaiwan, Ceramic teapot
  • Water Temperature: 195°F to 212°F
  • Tea leaves / water: 1g:50ml (depending on personal taste)

Common steeping steps of this raw pu’erh tea:

  • Rinse tea wares with hot boiling water.
  • Put the tea leaves into a teapot.
  • Pour boiling water into it to wash off the dirt and impurities of tea, immediately drain off the water. In this case can improve the clarity of tea and also can fully release the taste of pu erh tea.
  • First steep: fill hot water into tea pot and steep for about 45 sec.
  • Transfer tea to a tea pitcher and ready to share.

*Gradually increase steeping time when tea is fading out

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