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Six Blends Old Arbor Raw Pu erh Tea 2015 Crowdfunding

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100% hand pressed tea has clean tea liquor, rich aftertastes, soft and sweet, very aromatic and smooth tea that has true taste of Yiwu Pu erh.

The raw tea leaves of this tea is blended from spring tea leaves of old six major tea mountains: Yibang, Ge Deng, Mangzhi, Manzhuan, Yiwu and Yule. The processes are supervised and produced by YunNan Old Arbor Pu erh tea Research Associates. Every piece of tea cake, and even every piece of leaf is devoted to the efforts of crowdfunding members. Although it is accepted as an universal value Pu erh tea, finely selected from more than 500 tea samples are enough to prove the expectation of this tea. The quality emphasis is also the importance and responsibility to every crowdfunding member and to every consumer.

  • Tea Type: (Sheng) Raw Pu erh tea
  • Production Year: 2015
  • Manufacturer: Menghai Hengban
  • Shelf Life: the longer in proper condition, the better