Yi Xing Zisha Red Clay Teapot




Beautifully wrought carved red clay teapot from Yi Xing. Every detail of this teapot is carefully accounted and done very neat. The lid is made exactly fit on the opening. 188 hole hemisphere designed infuser allows tea to stream out easier and smoother without any impediment that avoid tea spilling which happens on most cheap made teapots. With a such exquisite work, not everyone is willing to treat it as a regular teapot. Instead, save it to a shelf for occasional enjoying. Both bottom and inner wall of this teapot is sealed with name of artist. An artist certificate is included with this teapot.

  • Name: Xishi Teapot
  • Origin: Yi Xing, Jiangsu province
  • Artist: Guo Wang, Wang
  • Material: scarlet, red clay
  • Feature: built-in hemispherical infuser with 188 holes
  • Packaging: silked paper box, no lock
  • Recommended for: oolong tea, flower tea, Tieguanyin oolong, medium fermented oolong and good quality black tea(Lapsang Souchong, Jin Jun Mei)
  • Capacity: 150ml.
  • Quality: 1 teapot
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