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Detox Teas for Beauty Care

Detox Teas for Beauty Care

Detoxification and beauty care is a daily life of most females; therefore, detox tea is a widely sought drink after healthy beverage. However, detox tea cannot be taken excessively.

pu erh teaPu’er Tea: Pu'er tea is a kind of common concentrated tea in the world. Pu'er has the effects of weight loss and defecation, and it is very helpful for intestinal peristalsis. It is very suitable for people who like sweet and grease food. Drink a few small cups of pu'er tea after a meal can help digestion. However, excessively drinking pu'er tea will have a certain adverse effect on stomach, may also cause insomnia.


Honeysuckle Jasmine Tea

Honeysuckle can dispel body heat, detoxify, cool blood and reduce inflammation; and jasmine tea sedately relieves depression and cleanses liver.

3 gram honeysuckle

3 gram jasmine flower

Goji Berry Tea

Goji(wolf berry)known as “Red Treasure” in Chinese herbs, has the effect of relieving fatigue and strengthening the body's immune. The more important is it acts as a “cleaner” for liver, which can remove toxins from the liver and nourish the blood.

Boil and simmer five to six pieces of red dates and some goji berry after few minutes soaked in water. Simmer for 5 minutes with little rock sugar. Let the tea cool to below 40 °C, then add little honey to serve.


Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea is also a kind of flower tea that is very common in daily life. Chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing away body heat and detoxifying and clearing liver in Chinese medicine, has the functionality of calming liver and improving vision. If you worry about the side effect of chrysanthemum tea, you can add some red dates and goji berry. It is a good blood supplement for females.

Prepare Chrysanthemum and goji berry 3 grams each. Steep with boiling water for 40 minutes to serve.

rose teaRose Black Tea: Rose tea is a kind of flower tea with good beauty effect. It has the positive effect of protecting and treating stomach. It has the effect of relieving the dysmenorrhea, and also has the effect of eliminating fat and promoting blood circulation. It is a kind of detox beauty tea that has a very good effect for females. If you love your girlfriend, you can always brew a cup of rose tea for her.

1 gram of rose,

1 gram of jasmine,

3 gram of black tea,

small amount of rock sugar.

Steep with boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. It has the effect of soothing liver.

Lemon Black Tea

Lemon black tea is a good beverage tea in summer. It can effectively remove the evil summer heat from body, and it is very helpful to reduce blood sugar and lower cholesterol. Adding some honey to lemon black tea is good for skin beauty. However, it is not advisable for females to have too much during menstruation.

There are more and more detox teas can be made and blended by self. Keep eyes on us. We will list other detox teas in later blogs.

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