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Keemun Xiangluo Black Tea

Keemun Xiangluo Black Tea

Keemun Xiangluo black tea, the new variety tea of Keemun black tea, is the most innovative product in Keemun black tea category, is originated in Qimen County, Anhui Province. The process uses the special fermentation process of Keemun black tea and wood rolling, combined with the process of Huangshan Songluo tea, to form a new black tea category that looks like Songluo tea. The refined Keemun Xiangluo tea has greatly improved the original quality.

The famous Keemun Xiangluo was created in 1997 by Tea Research Institute of Anhui Agricultural Sciences Academy by using a combination of national standard tea cultivar and unique processing techniques, and was inspected and tested by Ministry of Agriculture Tea Quality Supervision that was qualified for the standard quality of fine Keemun tea.

Keemun Xiangluo tea is picked from the original Qimen tea tree and grows in the original ecological Qimen villages. It is located in the mysterious estuary of the north latitude 30° line at an altitude of 600-800 meters. The forest coverage rate of this area is over 97% with extremely high negative oxygen ion content. The water quality is excellent, and the air is pure and moist, so that the vegetation is well preserved, and it contains moderate minerals. Qimen County is a sandbar land formed from the impact of ancient floods. The tea plants grow on the unique fertile soil of rotten stone. The tea trees grow by the water in the deep and fertile soil. The native Qimen tea tree is noble and has few mixed trees around its growing area, often accompanied by precious tree species such as ginkgo, yew, and native bodhi. The tea garden is surrounded by mountains and dense streams or rivers, pictured with blooms and lingered by clouds and mists all year round. The climate is warm and humid with adequate rainfalls. In this superior natural environment of thriving lush land, the outstanding quality of Keemun tea is bred by these unique natural conditions. Keemun tea garden is the largest organic tea plantation in China currently certified by the European Union.

Qimen tea tree is a good quality and high-yield variety. The dark green leaves are fat, slightly uplifted and large, but tender. The ability of its neat germination is efficient. It is a great variety for producing black tea and green tea.

Process of Keemun Xiangluo tea
Keemun Xiangluo is being finely processed, and the process can be roughly divided into three main steps: picking, initial process and refining process.

  • Picking: Keemun Xiangluo is being processed as soon as the tea leaves are being picked from selected spring tea leaves during Grain Rain, to preserve the effective ingredients of fresh tea leaves.

  • Initial process: The process of making Keemun Xiangluo tea is very fine, and the picking standards are very strict. After withering, rolling, and fermentation, the buds turn from green to copper red, emitting the aroma, and then simmer to dry.

  • and aromatic.Refining process: After the initial preparation, it must be re-simmered, fanned and packed. The final finished Keemun Xiangluo tea looks curly and blooming black with soft sweet taste.

keemun xiangluo teaKeemun Black Tea is the first of the world's three most famous black teas. In the production of Keemun black tea, it can be divided into two major essences. One is combination of industrial machine made and hand-refined, called crush(“sui”) series, which is the production of modern mechanical processing, which also increases the production of Keemun black tea; The other one is fully hand processing, mostly innovate Keemun black tea for famous brand products. This processing method preserves the oldest processing method of Keemun Black Tea and is the most traditional processing method. Keemun black tea processed in this way is known as handmade tea, which retains the original taste of Keemun black tea. All the top quality Keemun Black Teas are handmade tea, which must be clearly identified at the time of purchase.

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