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Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea

Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea

Dian Hong TeaYunNan black tea, another name Dianhong tea is created last century and grown in the area of southern YunNan and southwestern YunNan Province, is a type of relatively high-end, gourmet Chinese black tea sometimes used in various tea blends. The main difference between Dianhong and other Chinese black teas is the amount of fine golden leaf buds or "golden tips" present in the dried tea. Premium DianHong is made by fresh leaves from YunNan big leaf species of tea trees, processed into finished tea by withering, rolling or rubbing cut, fermentation and baking.

Dianhong tea produces a brew that is brassy golden orange in color with a sweet, gentle aroma and no astringency. Cheaper varieties of Dianhong produce a darker brownish brew that can be very bitter.

Broken Yunnan: A cheap tea used for blending which contains very few golden buds, is generally bitter on its own. This tea is easily identified by the largely black dried leaves with only a few bursts of golden tips. The brew is dark and not brassy but reddish brown. The taste can sometimes be as strong as cooked pu’erh tea.

Yunnan Gold: A Dianhong with fewer golden buds and more dark tea leaves. It is on par with the pure gold, and is priced similarly, but makes teas with slightly different characteristics. The brew has a brassy red color different from other black teas and a vivid sweetness not quite as intense as "Yunnan pure gold".

Yunnan Pure Gold Silk: Considered the best type of Dianhong tea. It contains only golden tips, which are usually covered in fine hairs. When viewed from a distance, the dried tea appears bright orange in color. The tea liquor is bright red in color and exhibits a gentle aroma and a sweet taste. The leaves are reddish brown after being brewed.

Golden needle is a pure black variety of Dianhong. The leaves are golden in color and yield an amber infusion.

Difference to Pu'er tea
Dian black tea is mainly loose tea-based on the appearance, but Pu'er tea is mainly pressed tea-based. On the production process; Dianhong tea is fermented tea that the fermentation stops when the production ends, but Pu erh tea is post-fermented tea that finished tea is in natural fermentation progress during storage time.

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