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Drinking Tea For Fun Instead of For the Health Purpose

Drinking Tea For Fun Instead of For the Health Purpose

According to recent research of why people like drinking tea. Surprisingly, we found that most people drink tea for its health benefits more than their preferences. Why people not changing their concepts to enjoy instead of being grudging to drink due to its health benefits, since everyone has already known how tea affects health of human body. Most of teas have similar health benefits to human body, and therefore, we don’t need to intentionally search for its benefits which may reduce weight or weight loss whatsoever. All we needed is to find out how to enjoy the tea, but the precondition is finding a preferred flavor to buy.

These teas we are drinking every day have lavish tastes that some taste naturally sweet, and some taste vegetal or floral. Unlike the herbal teas we used to drink old days to heal for medication purposes. Many Asian elders are still taking medication tea in current days for medical treatment. Those teas really taste extremely awful, bitter and very strong. I bet no one wants to taste it again if you have ever had it.

I have done some tests on YunNan Black Tea, Dianhong. I served this floral taste tea to my customers who had some basic knowledge of teas. About 9 out of 10 women liked this pomegranate-color black tea than quite few men jokingly saying that Dianhong was seemingly closed to lady’s taste, too rosy. Most of men liked green tea, as well as women. We are not going to discuss about the advanced level Pu’er tea today.

Oolong teas are mainly coming from two regions, one from Taiwan and the other one from Fujian China. Fujian produces two main types of oolongs, Tie Guan Yin and Da Hong Pao. Tie Guan Yin; known as Ti Kuan Yin, being named Iron Goddess of Mercy by westerners has been divided into light bodied and full bodied aroma unlike Da Hong Pao which has some subcategories. Read the articles described these teas in detail. What we wanted to express here is to encourage everyone to reach out your bold hands and grab something you like, your own taste. We suggest everyone to try store samples before spending your big bills. Online tea shop like us, we have mini small samples available for every type of tea, and they are not pricy. The amount is appropriately scaled for a few tries, that also is a perfect amount to taste out whether you like or not.

Perhaps some would persist on their original concept, not into it rather than to utilize it for advantage of health purposes. Well, tasting tea is just a part of enjoying tea. From beginning of brewing to the last, every single step can be enjoyed and relaxing. Especially with friends, shares own tasting notes can be very fun and delightful. Virtually, it is another way to get close relationship with others, just like watching games in a bar with others by having some booze and fun. If you not into it meaning that you have not yet find the one you love. There are so many types of teas in this planet, each of them taste differently even a same type of tea has slightly different flavors sometimes depending on its various harvest time, origin or processing technique. Many tea vendors or manufactures also keep trying developing new processes to make their teas outstanding or unique. That is why a same type of tea has various tastes and flavors. We need to keep trying to find the favorite ones, or keep digging something new.

Enjoying tea not only makes life happier, but also makes your body and mind healthier.

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