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Wuyi Rock Tea Shui Xian and Rou Gui

Wuyi Rock Tea Shui Xian and Rou Gui

Shui Xian (water sprite), or Shui Hsien and Rou Gui are both rock tea from Wuyi Mountain, are collectively branded as Da Hong Pao. Currently, Da Hong Pao is a mixture of a variety of rock teas by all of tea vendors according to their understanding of rock tea, in order to achieve the mutual balance of taste. So nowadays, Da Hong Pao can be regarded as the general name of Rock Tea(Yancha), is no longer the same concept to the Da Hong Pao from the mother tree in the history.

Shui Xian is a boutique of rock tea, although not as famous as Da Hong Pao, it is one of best oolong tea. The widely produced Shui Xian teas have a soft orchid aroma, some have milky or lily floral aroma. And all of these varieties taste minor sweetness, especially brewed with boiling water. However, the biggest advantage of Shui Xian tea is its mellow flavor taste.

Wuyi Rou Gui, also named Yu Gui, meaning cinnamon, the name comes from its unique cinnamon-like aroma. In addition to the taste of rock tea, the long-lasting high quality fragrance is favored by most people. The shapes of Rou Gui are twisted similarly and appeared with glossy breen color. This sweet taste tea will emit creamy, floral fruity and cinnamon-like fragrance. Sweet and mellow aftertaste returns with full aroma lingering.

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