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Health Benefits of Pairing These Ingredients with Ripe Pu’erh Tea

Health Benefits of Pairing These Ingredients with Ripe Pu’erh Tea
Refreshing mind, eliminating fat and losing weight are no longer news of pu’er tea’s health effects. However, we should always drink tea moderately according to our own health conditions, in order to better impel the health effects from tea.

Then, how do we drink pu’er tea in healthy way? The Chinese national senior tea expert, Guo, the godfather of pu’er tea, shared five significantly effective ways of healthily drinking pu’er tea. In facts, there are many ways to taste pu’er tea. We may also add other ingredients to tea according to our preferences in order to enrich the flavor.
  • Add lemon
Drinking lemon pu’er tea not only can slim body and reduce fat, but also has rich in vitamin C, which is effective in maintaining tension and elasticity of skin. Moreover, pu’er tea can speed up the body’s metabolism, and discharge the accumulated toxins or other unwanted impurities off body, which is the sacred product of daily drinks. However, we should be noted that tannins in the tea and citric acid in the lemon are very acidic. So those with stomach problems should avoid drinking this way.
  • Blend with honey
Ripe pu’er tea and honey can be perfectly paired, but not raw pu’er. Ripe pu’er tea and honey both are nutritious and have the effects of beauty treatment and bowel detoxification. The bland character of ripe pu’er tea and its effect of helping stomach can offset the stimulation of honey on the cold stomach. Drinking this way regularly also has effect of preventing colds.
  • Adding dried tangerine peel
After adding dried tangerine peel, tea will taste little bitter, but it is good for soothing breath, relieving cough, reducing phlegm. It is recommended to drink little this way to moisturize lung during the fall or dry season.
  • Add dried flower tea
Lots women love drinking flower tea. In fact, roses, jasmine, chrysanthemums, osmanthus or lavender can also be added to pu’er tea, which not only increases the aroma of tea, but also plays a role of beauty treatment effect for women.
  • Add ginger or brown sugar
Ginger pu’er tea is sweet and delicious. The ginger ingredients in the tea can accelerate blood circulation and excite nerves, making the whole body warm. In fall and winter seasons, drinking ginger pu’er tea often helps to warm the stomach and prevent colds. The effect is even better than drinking ginseng.

All in all, nothing is good when overtake, as well as drinking tea. Learn how to appropriately drink pu’er tea can benefit so much health effects.

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