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The Negative Side Effect of Drinking Pu’er Tea Before Bedtime

The Negative Side Effect of Drinking Pu’er Tea Before Bedtime

Drinking tea can cause insomnia. This is a common understanding of many people, but some people object it. Is it really the truth? Drinking Pu'er tea really does not affect sleep?

Although Pu'er tea is mild in nature and has health benefits, it can also cause insomnia if not properly consumed.

Therefore, in order to avoid insomnia caused by drinking Pu'er tea, we should learn to drink properly.

Pu'er tea has raw tea and ripe(cooked) tea. Among them, the tea polyphenols in raw tea are higher, which may cause insomnia after drinking. It is best not to drink tea two hours before bedtime, especially new tea. Fresh tea is too irritating, and drinking new Pu’er tea will make people excited and affect sleep.

The ripe(cooked) tea is fermented and matured by rammed piles, and the tea polyphenols have been transformed. After the “maturing” process, the irritating is weakened, relatively milder, and it is not easy to cause insomnia. If you want to drink cooked tea, it is best to drink 5-10 years aged cooked tea.

At the same time, the correct brewing method can also significantly avoid insomnia. Pu'er tea is a “large leaf” tea with very rich contents which are released as much as possible when brewed with only 100 ° C boiling water.

Pu'er tea brewing lasts longer than others ordinary teas. It can be continuously brewed for more than 20 times. Therefore, the Pu'er tea cannot be drank too thick. Especially for the elderly and those with poor stomach. Strong tea will not only hurt the stomach, but also make it worse. It will make the nerves excited and affect sleep. Only the right brewing can gain the health benefits of Pu'er tea and reduce the risk of insomnia.

Pu'er tea is good, but need to understand how to drink tea. Only drinking tea correctly and reasonably can really achieve the good effect of drinking tea. 

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