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How to buy a Good Quality White Peony Tea

How to buy a Good Quality White Peony Tea
White tea market is increased popularly. More and more people have started to drink white tea, and have questioned where to buy a good white tea and how to. All along, white peony as the fairy in the white tea, is very popular, because of its unique fragrance and taste, and has conquered countless tea lovers. We propose to begin from white Peony before getting into expensive white silver needle. Today we are going to show you a few tricks that how to buy a good looking and good tasting white peony tea.

White tea, one of the six major teas, the method of making is very special to other teas. Without frying or rolling processes is solely unique in the six major teas. It is being named white tea because of its silver white looking leaves fully coated with tea hair. It is mainly originated from Fuding, Fujian, according to the variety can be divided into white silver needle, white peony, Gong Mei and Shou Mei(article about the categories of white tea).

A good quality White Peony tea has a perfect shape, although the coverage of tea buds not as full as white silver needle, but it has its own charm. The cleaner looking, the more tea hair and fatter or stronger tea buds the better quality is. The lower quality white tea usually mixed with old leaves. After brewing, the posture stretches as if a flower bud slowly opens in the water.

The rich white peony tea has strong and significant aroma, not only the strong floral fragrance but also the rich honey flavor. Overall, the purer and richer aroma white peony tea is considered to be better. The inferior white peony tea has light stale flavor that fragrance and floral aroma are not distinct. Some of inferior white peony teas are smelt musty, old or spoiled that giving people an uncomfortable experience.

The quality of white peony is very different in the color of tea soup. The higher quality white peony tea soup color is clear and fresh, with a certain degree of sheen. The tea soup is apricot or yellowish, thick and smooth without turbidity. The color of lower quality white peony tea looks dark yellow and red without any vitality, and the tea soup is turbid.
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