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Best Answer of “What Is the Best Tea”

Best Answer of “What Is the Best Tea”

If you regularly search tea information online, you might notice one common topic being asked frequently - “What tea is the best?”. There are tons of answers can be found online for this question. If I just started drinking tea, I would also be curious about what tea other people like and what the most popular tea other people are drinking. Because I was not sure if I had a good tea, there might be better tasting tea out there. Or maybe the tea I currently have was not the one I liked.

The best tea is your self-preferred tea, not well-known famous tea

A bunch of questions come up to the head at the beginning. Multifarious answers from online blogs are overwhelmed completely. Every answer sounds reasonable. Even someone gives suggestion to have, let’s say Longjing green tea, a publicly well-known good green tea, but finally realize that it isn’t the best(your favorite). Of course, famous tea is acceptable by most group of people but not against every one.

Everyone knows Lapsang Souchong, it is very popular tea in the world. Chinese Tea Research Academy had created a new tea based on Lapsang Souchong years ago and gave it a new name Jin Jun Mei, also known as Golden Eyebrow. It is basically a refined Lapsang Souchong tea. Most Chinese tea enthusiasts accept this tea and like it more than original Lapsang Souchong, but this tea is barely mentioned in the West. Obviously, they like two different teas. This circumstance strongly proved our answer.

Tasting tea is like experiencing life

Feel happy only you have suffered sorrow. Happiness also has completely different definitions with age. In different age cycle, things are handled with different points of views. You will like different type of tea at a different period of time. When people are starving, they expect for food, any food. Food is most important to them. A branded clothing is helpless to them. When people are getting rich, they demand quality living. That’s a normal implicit rule of our human being.

Everyone loves spicy food, but we all know that spicy food is not as healthy as plain food. People are fascinated by its taste. although both spicy and plain food contains its original flavor, spice is an additive seasoning that make food more flavorful based on its original flavor. Same as tea, new sprouting bud-head tea is alike plain food which has its tea flavor what it supposed to have, but more delicate. When tea leaves grow older, more contents are absorbed that makes older tea leaves more flavorful and stronger taste. If you feel satisfied with spicy food, why you need to turn away. “I am pretty happy with old green tea, because I love the robust taste.” The only thing makes people changing mind is “getting tired”. One day, you feel enough to the spicy food, and now you like to have something mild, or you concern about your healthy status and you want to try something plain now. After you switch to a new flavor, you may get used to it, and like the new taste more than the one you liked before. That is the time you move from coarse quality to finer quality.

Your first understanding of right and wrong will constitute your future judgment of right and wrong, as well as tasting tea. If your first impression of Lapsang Souchong black tea is a smoky note, then you must firmly believe the smoky flavor is the most authentic Lapsang Souchong. Don’t get misled by your first impression. Due to tea processing, there could be different taste on a same type of tea. Every few years, new teas are developed and created, named with a suffix after original name, but we cannot deny that they are not authentic. They are same tea but made with new processing technique to improve the taste.

Old tea enthusiasts always keep switching teas every few days. No one drink one type tea for whole life. Maybe one day you feel “oh today is oolong day”, you want to feel the aromatic floral notes from your favorite oolong tea. And another day, you like to enjoy the delicacy of Bi Luo Chun green tea. In this situation, can you define which is the best tea, oolong or Bi Luo Chun? Of course not, they are two different types of teas. Each variety of tea has its unique flavor. So, if you are still here, I believe you will never ask same question again. No one can answer such a pointless question. If someone gives a positive answer, you probably want to get in touch with durian fruit which not everyone likes it, nor everyone dislikes it. People love durian fruit can express countless words of how good it is. On the contrary, people hate this fruit would knit brows and fly away immediately when they sense the smell.

Certainly, among the quality, there are good and bad quality teas. To taste a good tea, you will need to savor with your heart, feel every sip with your tongue in the palates. The most affordable way to try other teas is to try tea samples in this case you will not waste money on those teas you don’t like. Believed me nothing is the best, only your favorite tea is your best tea, but your best tea could be out of your favor one day.

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