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Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea

Phoenix Dan Cong tea is a type of oolong tea produced in Phoenix Town, ChaoZhou City of GuangDong Province, is a local specialty production from ChaoAn County. The name is derived from the Phoenix Mt., located in the northern mountainous area of Phoenix town, so it is simply called Phoenix tea.

ChaoZhou City is located in the east of guangDong Province, a part of South Subtropical maritime climate where the annual average temperature of 70.5 °F with adequate rain about average of 1685 mm rainfall year around, is very suitable for tea growing. Tea is produced here in four seasons.

Phoenix Dan Cong tea is harvested from a single plant. When the new tea buds are germinated to a small opening (emergence of new buds), that is time, according to picking standard of one bud, two or three leaves, the tea is collected on horseback and gently placed in the tea basket. There is also a rule for tea picking that not to pick tea in the strong sunny day, neither in raining nor in foggy day.

Generally, tea leaves are picked in the afternoon and processed in the same evening, and then tea is carried out at the same night. After drying green, fixing, rolling, baking and all other processes total of more than ten hours to finish tea.

The shape of appearance is thick and stout, upright and uniform, yellowish brown color mixed with cinnabar red dots. The brewing looks bright yellow, is lasted with unique natural orchid fragrance, and tasted strong and refreshing with a bit of sweetness.

Dan Cong tea is single plant tea finely selected from group of Phoenix Narcissus. As a result of differences of tea aromas, Phoenix Dan Cong tea is classified by its aromas into many types.

What are the types of aromas?

Phoenix Dan Cong tea is known for its floral fragrance. There are as many as rice flower aroma, yellow-mast aroma, apricot aroma, jasmine aroma, ginger flower aroma, pummelo flower aroma, and includes many types of vanilla aromas.Best Oolong tea 

  • Rice flower aroma: Commonly known as duck shit aroma, is one of top and expensive types, is now being widely cultivated and promoted.
  • Yellow mast aroma: The strips of this tea look tight and heavy with blooming black and brown color leaves. The golden liquor and rich aroma give out a unique note of sweetness returning.
  • Apricot aroma: Grey brown leaves look straight and slender strips that have rich flavor of apricot and unique charm of delicate aroma.
  • Ginger flower aroma: Tight and straight strips look more slender with light brown color. Bright golden tea is lasted long and lingered with ginger aroma. This is another top Phoenix tea that tastes fresh and cool, slightly sweet with ginger flavor.
  • Jasmine aroma: The dry tea appears in tight rolling and curly shapes. Its color is similar to yellow mast type, but delicate jasmine fragrance with thick and wild flavor.

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